Zach Bryan Debuts New Song “Carried Away” One Day After Dropping A Brand New Album

Zach Bryan just keeps pumping ’em out.

Just a single day after releasing his brand new record Elisabeth, Zach took to YouTube to debut another new song titled “Carried Away.” The song was not on the album he just released, but according to Zach himself, it will be releasing as a single later this summer. And in addition to the new album and this new song, he’s got a whole more in the tank.

It’s pretty refreshing to see an artist, one with such a rabid, grassroots following, just grinding it out hard. Writing, recording, making videos… and the best part is that Zach doesn’t appear to have a desire to be a big star. He just likes making music with his buddies.

And the fans love him for it…

You gotta love it.

It sounds like “Carried Away” will be out later this summer, but in the mean time, here’s a brand new acoustic performance featuring a little bit of Zach on the kick drum.

Good stuff.

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