Zac Brown Debuts Emotional New Father/Daughter Song For John Krasinski’s Virtual Wedding Ceremony

THAT is what I’m talking about Zac.

There is nobody in country music that I’ve been harder on in the past year than Zac Brown. Between his weird “fuck the haters” speech at the CMT Music Awards, the rapping on their dumpster fire of an album, his even worse solo project, and then his smug, egotistical response to the fans afterwards, I had about enough of Zac Brown.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t root for Zac’s return to the good stuff.

Zac Brown was a surprise guest on John Krasinski’s Some Good News show yesterday, where he debuted a brand new song called “The Man Who Loves You The Most.”

John presided over the virtual wedding of two fans of The Office, and in addition to some other famous faces, he brought Zac in to handle the wedding music. So while she virtually walked down the aisle, Zac performed “The Man Who Loves You The Most,” an emotional new love letter from a dad to his daughter. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room, and even John himself was tearing up at the virtual alter:

“That was AMAZING. Zac thank you so much for doing that, I think you made me cry more than anyone.”

The two were officially married by John following the song, (which will be released soon) and then John invited the entire cast of The Office in to join for the newlywed’s first dance.

The whole ordeal was pretty cool, especially given the fact that these folks won’t be able to have a proper wedding for some time now. But aside from how kickass John Krasinki is (for just about a million reasons), this is the kind of music that the fans want to hear from Zac Brown.

Leave the rapping to actual rappers, and let’s get back to making music like this. Trust me, your fans will thank you for it.

“The Man Who Loves You The Most” will be available soon. Stay tuned…

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