Ryan Bingham & Margo Price Talk All Things Country Music, Play Some Songs Together In ‘The Midnight Hour’ Series

If you’re a fan of Margo Price and Ryan Bingham, which if you like country music (or pretty much music in general) you definitely need to be, you’re going to love this new behind the scenes look from the folks at Yeti.

Hosted by Ryan Bingham, Yeti’s new three-part series, The Midnight Hour, is a deep dive into the life and music of a select group of artists including Jack Johnson, Margo Price, and Terry Allan. And in the episode featuring Margo, her and Ryan dig into both of their journeys in the country music industry.

“For both Ryan and Margo, their songwriting is an outlet for working through the darkness in their lives. In this episode, Margo takes us on her journey through dead-end jobs, honest feedback, playing shows for nobody, and record execs with “enough women” on their label.”

If you have 30 minutes to kill today, and let’s be honest you’re probably sitting at home not doing shit, you owe it to yourself to check this out.

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