Tim McGraw Reminds You To Call Your Mom With New Single “I Called Mama”

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Tim is back with the much-needed reminder to call your mom.

Written by Lance Miller, Marv Green and Jimmy Yeary, “I Called Mama” is more than just a simple reminder to call the people you love, it’s an encouraging message of hope during these difficult times.

“On the one hand this song is literally, hey, call your mom.’  On the other hand, you look at a time like this, there are real hardships for everyone, and it’s a great reminder that hearing someone’s voice who knows you and loves you can help you get through anything. I think it’s at these very difficult times that music can help and the power of a song can give someone a moment of clarity or comfort, or just a smile. Especially now, when we seem to need it more than ever.”

Tim will also be releasing a music video featuring fan-submitted photos of themselves with their moms.

“Mother’s definitely deserve to be honored more than one day a year. We’ve have had such an incredible response of people sharing their special Mama videos, we are going to get you something really special in a few weeks,”

You heard Tim, call you mom today people.

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