Riley Green’s Introspective “Better Than Me” Is A Powerful Reminder During These Tough Times

Riley Green here to kick off your Friday morning with a double shot of perspective.

Quarantine sucks, and for some, it’s been downright devastating. But if nothing else, it’s given us a chance to pause and take a look around. And after months of self-reflection, hopefully we emerge from this better people than we were when we went in. That’s exactly what this new song is all about.

Co-written alongside Ray Fulcher, the fellas from Muscadine Bloodline, and Jordan Fletcher, “Better Than Me” is a reflective look at the world around us right now, a powerful reminder to slow down a little, and an encouraging message of hope in a time when a lot of us could use a little.

“I’ve been chasing, rat racing, doing anything to win.
My grass looks like Augusta, I got around to painting that fence
Been calling up my mama, doin’ some old friend checking in,
It seem like where I’m going might be better than where I’ve been
With all this goin’ on, found the right in all this wrong and finally see,
the good Lord knows better than me.”

If we were handing out awards for the best quarantine song, this one from Riley and the boys would easily be a top contender. And if we were handing out awards for best quarantine stache, well… Riley would take that one hands down.

“Better Than Me” is a cut from Riley’s brand new acoustic EP, Valley Road. 

Get ready to smash that repeat button.

He also recorded the unreleased fan favorite – “If It Wasn’t For Trucks”

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A beer bottle on a dock