Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen Hit A Home Run With ‘Hold My Beer, Vol. 2’

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Joshua Black Wilkins

The wait is over.

Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen are back and better than ever with the second installment of their kickass collaborative project, Hold My Beer And Watch This.

And for Hold My Beer, Vol. 2, the Texas country stars were much more intentional about their approach.

“Unlike our first record, which kind of happened out of nowhere, this album was really planned,” said Bowen. “We made a conscious effort to write for this specific project and also focused on bringing the best outside songs to the table. It was really important for us to be as mindful and purposeful as possible when it came to choosing the songs that made the cut for this volume.”

And the finished product? Already one of my favorite albums of the year so far.

“Every single song on the album comes from the heart,” Rogers adds. “Some will make you laugh. Others will make you cry… But when it’s all said and done, we just hope the music speaks for itself and reflects the amount of time and love that went into each of these songs, from the melodies to the lyrics. We couldn’t be prouder of this album.”

With some classic country heartbreak, a few good drinkin’ songs, the kind humor that you can only get making a record with a good buddy, and even an old demo from Waylon Jennings, Hold My Beer, Vol. 2 has everything you could want and more.

From the first song, all the way through the to the last, it’s just a rock-solid country record.


“Ode To Ben Dorcy (Lovey’s Song)”

“Speak To Me Jukebox”

“Warm Beer”

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