‘The Simpsons’ Predicted Coronavirus, Protests & Murder Hornets In The SAME EPISODE

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It pretty scary how accurately The Simpsons have predicted the future.

And usually, I’m willing to brush it off as mere coincidence, but after the murder hornet news from earlier this week, I’m pretty much convinced they’re from the future.

The Super Bowl, Siegfried and Roy tiger attack, the presidential election of Donald Trump, auto-correct, smart watches, Ebola, the United States winning a curling gold medal, Lady Gaga, Game of Thrones… the list of correct predictions goes on and on and on. But the latest one to come to fruition, is downright scary.

The 1993 episode titled “Marge in Chains” (season 4, episode 21) features an unknown virus from Asia that invades the Simpsons’ hometown of Springfield. Dubbed the “Osaka Flu” it spreads rapidly through town, similar to Coronavirus.

But it get’s better…

The people of the town form a mob (hey Michigan) and congregate outside of Dr. Hibbert’s clinic demanding a vaccine, and when they tip over a truck, guess what’s inside… KILLER BEES.

Asian virus, angry mob and murder hornets… the fucking Coronavirus trifecta all in ONE EPISODE.

At this point, the White House better start brushing up on their Simpsons history… it appears to be our most accurate form of intelligence.

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