Luke Combs & Fiancée Nicole Share Full Engagement Story For First Time: “It’s Not Cute”

What a story.

If you’ve ever listened to our podcast Whiskey Riff Raff you’ve probably heard me and Steve both explain our engagement stories… one involves chasing down a FedEx truck on foot mere hours before a flight to Italy. Another involves a trip to North Carolina, some family drama, putting it off for 6 more months, and then finally just popping the question in the living room… needless to say (a note to the guys out there) it’s NOT always easy.

And even for Luke Combs… it did NOT go as planned.

Luke and Nicole stopped by (virtually of course) Shawn Johnson and Andrew East’s Couple Things podcast and for the first time, Luke broke down his entire engagement story. And in the words of Nicole, it was “not cute.”

It involves puking cats, the stresses of a brutal moving day, and Nicole’s “hot ears.”

Just how you drew up, right?

You can watch the whole interview here.

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