Hot Country Knights’ “Then It Rained” Reminds Me Of Another Song But I Can’t Quite Place It…

The Hot Country Knights just dropped what may be the best album of 2020.

Their first full-length album, The K is Silent, sounds like it’s straight out of 90’s country and I love it. But one song in particular reminds me a little TOO much of 90’s country.

“Then it Rained” is a brooding ballad set against the backdrop of a stormy summer night. But I swear I’ve heard this song somewhere before. The music, the rain-themed lyrics where you can almost hear the thunder rolling in the background… it all sounds so familiar. This song definitely reminds me of another hit from the 90s. I just can’t figure out which one.

So now I’m up late on a sleepless night, as a storm blows on out of control, trying to figure out where I’ve heard this song before. I racked my brain as much as I could, so I turned to the one place where I know I could find the elusive song I was searching for: Spotify. Surely if this song really is a ripoff or a parody of another song, it would be on the biggest streaming service in the world. I mean, everybody has their music on Spotify these days. You’d have to be some kind of psycho, with approximately 200-300 bodies buried under your front porch, to not put your music on Spotify.

But alas, my searches came up empty. Then my mind started playing weird tricks on me. I started thinking weird shit, like maybe I heard this song on some obscure streaming service that most people never heard of before it was shut down? Nah, that can’t be the case…

I guess that leaves only one conclusion: “Then It Rained” is an original masterpiece that’s not at all a ripoff or parody of an old 90’s country song that we’ve all heard before.

That just shows you how good this album is – even the new songs sound familiar. REALLY familiar.

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