Texas Man Leaves $1,300 Tip At Austin Restaurant The First Day It Reopened After Quarantine

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THIS is the kind of news we need right now.

The state of Texas reopened restaurants on Friday and for one Austin-area restaurant, they couldn’t be happier.

According to CNN, a Texas man and his family stopped into Austin’s Frog & The Bull, a new upscale tapas joint, on Friday night. After their dinner of steak, scallops, and more, the man asked the waiter to double his bill. Yeah, he actually asked them to double his bill.

Already at $337, the final bill came out to $729 with tax, but what he did next was even more shocking. The customer left a $1,300 dollar tip, $300 of which went straight to the server and the rest went to help out the restaurant staff. The new total, $2,029.

“I was really shocked at first because I didn’t understand why he was giving it to me,” said waiter Josh Pikoff. “But he said that he was extremely grateful that we were open and putting ourselves at risk to serve the community. I didn’t really know what to say… It was extremely generous and I was just so wowed by it.”

Stay classy unidentified Texas man. We could use more people like you.

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