Nashville Roofers Filmed Hanging On For Dear Life During High-Powered Storm

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Nashville is still cleaning up after a tornado wreaked havoc on the city a couple months ago, and now, many are left without power after another nasty storm ripped through the city yesterday.

With insane wind gusts and torrential downpours, the storm looked like a hurricane had hit Nashville, and while it only last 15 minutes or so, it knocked out power and tore up trees across the city. Approximately 130,000 lost power.

However for a group of construction workers, it was more than just a storm. It quickly became a nightmare scene from a movie.

Four carpenters were working to get the roof on a house before the storm swept in, and well, they didn’t make it. And unfortunately, they were stuck up there when it got BAD.

Dodging flying sheets of plywood, other debris, and trying to hang on for dear life, the footage captured here by a nearby neighbor is absolutely terrifying. One man can be seen diving through the roof into the house to get to safety.

Luckily, all the men were able to brave the storm without sustaining any injuries.

Talk about terrifying…

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