Smirnoff Launches Red, White & Berry Hard Seltzer With More Alcohol Than A Bud Light

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Who knows if we’ll actually be having any memorial Day or 4th of July parties this year, but even if you’re at home getting drunk in your red,white and blue sweatpants, Smirnoff has something to get you in the ‘Merican spirit.

Their popular Red, White and Berry flavor (a blend of cherry, citrus and sweet blue raspberry) will officially be available in hard seltzer form.

According to Best Products, each can has 90 calories, zero sugar, and offers 4.5% alcohol-by-volume (just like the Smirnoff Ice). A 12-pack of expected to run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $12.99.

“Decorated in the season’s best patriotic colors, these limited-edition seltzers will give people everywhere an unexpected twist as they witness the color-changing cans reveal an alternative design when chilled.”

The bottom of the can is grey at room temperature, but the turns to blue when it gets cold.

Bring on the summer.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock