Kip Moore Debuts Unreleased New Song “Red, White & Blue Jean American Dream”

“Y’all don’t know this one right here… a little taste of the new record.”

Written by Jimi Bell, Barton Davies, Luke Dick, Philip Lammonds, “Red, White & Blue Jean American Dream” is the only track (of the 13) on the new album that wasn’t penned by Kip himself.

This will be Kip’s 4th studio album, one that he hopes will offer the listeners a sense of peace in these difficult times, but also, a shot of perspective:

“I know it’s an unsettling time for a lot of people right now, and so my hope is that this music can bring even just one person some peace… I try to make music that reaches people in a pure sense – something that’s light and easy to carry with you, but 1000 pounds of weight at the same time, and I think ‘Wild World’ is just a depiction of what I see. Life is one crazy, wild ride. But it can be so simple if we look for the right things, and I think that is more important than ever right now.”

Wild World hits shelves on May 29th – GET EXCITED.

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A beer bottle on a dock