Riley Green Shares Another Unreleased New Song “If I Didn’t Wear Boots”

Man, I’m loving all this new music we’re getting lately.

Artists like Riley Green, Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen, and even Thomas Rhett have been sharing new music like crazy lately, Luke even got into the studio and recorded his emotional quarantine ballad “Six Feet Apart.”

And aside from all this new music Riley has been working on, he’s also working on that killer stache. I’m doing the same.

We could talk about glorious mustaches for hours, but let’s get to the music.

This new one from Riley is called “If I Didn’t Have Boots” and as always, the fans are loving it.

“If I didn’t wear boots I wouldn’t have a place to put that flask / that gave me the nerve to get me to ask you to dance,
sleep you off your feet like cowboys do / If I didn’t wear boot you probably never would’ve took this ride,
left that bar for a starlit sky, / and I wouldn’t be right here right now lovin’ on you / If I didn’t wear boots.”

The song also drew comparisons to another unreleased fan favorite, “If It Wasn’t For Trucks.”

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A beer bottle on a dock