Kip Moore Announces Wild World Global Livestream Tour

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Kip just dropped a brand new song from his upcoming album Wild World, but there’s even more to excited about.

Next week, he will also be going on a virtual world tour, playing a series of live YouTube concerts to audiences across the globe. Each performance will be specifically geo-tagged to each region (US, The U.K., Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia and Canada) so each unique fanbase will get a more personalized experience.

“The feedback from the songs we have released from WILD WORLD so far has been really amazing… I’m looking forward to hearing what the fans think of ‘Crazy For You Tonight’ so they can get a feel for this upcoming record with each song we release ahead of it. I’m also looking forward to connecting with more fans on Monday with the global livestream we’re doing. I think right now we are all searching for ways to keep in touch and hopefully this will offer a way to do that.” 

May 5th people… mark your calendars.

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Wild World hits shelves on May 29th.

Check out the latest release, “Crazy For You Tonight.”

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