Keystone Light Is Giving Free Beer And A Birthday Cake To People Spending Their 21st Birthday At Home

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Turning 21 is a magical time in a young person’s life.

You get to buy beer for the first time (legally), you get to go to a bar for the first time (legally), you get you can buy weed for the first time (legally, depending on the state your in), you can gamble for the first time in public (legally)… basically it’s season of “firsts.”

Or, if you’re like pretty much anybody on the face of the planet, you’ve spent most of college to this point drinking, gambling and smoking pot anyways and it’s really not that exciting. But hey, nothing feels quite like selling your fake ID to some incoming freshman. Now that’s a legit “first.”

Anyways, for those of you turning 21 at home, since you know… all the bars are closed, Keystone Light is looking to hook you up with your very own beer can cake. And of course, free beer (duh).

Will you feel better about having your first legal drink at home? Probably not, but it’s the least they could do.

Upcoming 21-year-olds can enter to receive a Keystone Light-shaped cake by sending their ZIP Code, age, and a summary in 150 words or less of what their perfect 21st birthday would look like if they weren’t in quarantine to [email protected] Winners will also receive a $200 gift card with their birthday cake.

The giveaway will start on April 30, 2020 and will close on May 14, 2020. Winners will be announced in late May. Participating cities include Denver, Dallas and Philadelphia.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock