Dixie Chicks Debut New Song “Julianna Calm Down” From Upcoming Album

Just because they’re pushing back the release of the new album, it doesn’t mean that the Dixie Chicks are done putting out music.

They debuted a new track called “Julianna Calm Down” on their Instagram page today, track #9 from their upcoming album Gaslighter which was originally supposed to be released on May 1st.

They recently spoke to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe about their upcoming album, and how the song came together. The song was actually named after Emily’s daughter Julianna:

“We actually have a song called ‘Julianna Calm Down,’ and that’s my daughter’s name. And she’s just, she was a little mortified at the beginning. But now every time her brother, she gets all worked up, her brothers are like, ‘Julianna, calm down’.”

The song is written as an encouraging and empowering letter to their daughters, but more than that, the message goes out to young women everywhere. The chorus goes:

“Just put on, put on, put on your best shoes
and strut the fuck around like you’ve got nothing to lose
Show off, show off, show off your best moves
and do it with a smile so he doesn’t know
it’s put on, put on, put on… put on, put on.”

The trio’s highly-anticipated album Gaslighter, their first in 14 years, should be out later this year, although the new date has yet to be revealed.

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