Costco’s Big-A** Wine Glass Is Exactly What Your Quarantine Has Been Missing

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Costco is the best.

And in these uncertain times, when you want to leave the safety of your home as little as possible, it helps to buy in bulk.

Industrial size can of cheese ball? They got it. Forty-seven pounds of ground beef? They got it. A twenty-pound package of toilet paper? They usually have it, who knows anymore…

Throw in some new rims for the Jeep I don’t have, 6 gallons of shampoo, an electric fire pit/grill that I don’t have a patio for, a remote-control helicopter, stray dog, somebody’s baby… no matter what, you’re walking out of there with tons of shit you don’t need.

Their latest internet sensation, standing at 46 inches tall, weighing in at a shit-ton of ounces…  a giant-ass wine glass.

They say it’s for decoration… we know better.

The display appears to suggest that the intended use for this wine glass is purely for decorative purposes, i.e. filling it with corks, Christmas baubles or plants, but here in quarantine, we all know we can’t wait to fill that MF’er with as much vino as humanly fucking possible and go to work… while you work.

Imagine waking up in the morning, having your coffee, hopping on the Zoom for your 9am conference call, and then by 11:00am, filling that thing up to the brim, popping in a bendy straw, and sucking down some of that delicious nectar of the gods all day long. You’re drunk by happy hour and then it’s to fill it up again.

If you’re looking for another way to survive this miserable quarantine… look no further.

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A beer bottle on a dock