Young Farmer Reveals The Inside Of Her High-Tech Tractor Cab & The Internet Is Loving It

This is Laura.

Laura is a 5th-generation farmer and full-time college student who’s been home farming in Nebraska since Coronavirus closed her school.

She recently started filming a few videos about her life on the farm, including a behind-the-scenes look into her high-tech tractor cab, and it’s getting VIRAL attention on Reddit right now.

Why? Because it looks like the cockpit of a damn Air Force jet.

I grew up in a farm town myself, my parents had a bit of acreage, plenty of my friends growing up were farmers by trade and I had NO IDEA that’s what the inside of a tractor looked like. And from the response Laura is getting on her channel in only a few days of making videos, neither did anybody else.

Just look at a few of the comments:

“All this techno babble makes farming seem exciting. I never knew it was this technical.”

“What the heck. I love this.”

“Wow. That is way better than Farmville on Facebook. I made some pretty poor career choices. Thanks for sharing.”

“Holy crap, this is……so advanced. My mind is hurting.”

“This is the girl we were going to send to Mars instant of Matt Damon but she was busy harvesting our corn that week.”

We need more of this kind of stuff on TV, less of the Kardashians…

And here’s a little into from Laura.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock