Cody Jinks, Randy Rogers & More Texas Country Stars To Perform George Strait Cover Concert… TONIGHT

George Strait wearing a hat and playing a guitar

As much as these live streams have been great, and a much-needed substitute for the concerts we were all supposed to be at, it’s starting to become a little over-saturated.

There’s a million different live streams every night and it’s getting pretty hard to keep up with everything that’s going on. And unless you’re constantly reinventing your approach, it just inevitably runs the risk of getting stale.

Which is why you have to do something cool… like round up some of the best singers and songwriters in Texas and have them do a virtual guitar pull in honor of the great George Strait.

And that’s exactly what Cody Jinks, Randy Rogers, Bri Bagwell, Cleto Cordero & Kaitlin Butts, Wade Bowen, Jamie Lin Wilson and more will be doing on a Facebook page called Sequestered Songwriters.

Every Monday, the page hosts a themed, virtual guitar pull dedicated to some of the most iconic artists in country music. They’ve done Merle Haggard, John Prine and Willie Nelson in weeks past, but tonight, ol’ King George is up.

Here’s the full lineup:

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A beer bottle on a dock