92-Year-Old Granny Drinks A Bud Diesel With Dinner Every Night For The Past 74 Years


92-year-old, Ann “Nan” Fortuna, has been drinking a Bud Diesel at dinner every night for the last 74 years.

That’s dedication, and I respect that granny hasn’t switched over to Light as the year’s have gone by. You think she’s going to try out the seltzers? PSH.

Her granddaughter Michelle sent us this photo showing Nan enjoying a Diesel with her blanket and a sign that reads:

“A Budweiser a day keeps the doctor away…for 92 years.”

“My Grandmother Ann “Nan” Fortuna has been drinking a Budweiser with dinner every night for the past 74 years. Thank you @budweiser for keeping her happy & healthy during this pandemic. And to all those working on the frontline “This Bud’s for You” #thisbudsforyou #covid19pandemic #budweiser #bud”

Cheers, grandma.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock