Flatland Cavalry’s “War With My Mind” Is An Absolute Must-Listen

Can we talk about great Flatland Cavalry is?

Ever since the release of their debut album, Humble Folks, in 2016, I’ve been hooked. And then their sophomore album, Homeland Insecurity, has perpetually been a staple in my rotation for the past year or so. AND (yes there is more), lead singer Cleto Cordero is also part of The Panhandlers, the Texas country supergroup featuring Josh Abbott, William Clark Green, and John Baumann.

And here we are today with another absolute gem of a song titled, “War With My Mind.”

The Lubbock, Texas, group once again teamed up with Bruce Robison for his “The Next Waltz” project, and once again, the result is phenomenal.

The songwriting is impeccable, their captivating melodies are top notch, there’s fiddle, there’s pedal steel, there’s everything you want in a good country song.

If you’re not on the Flatland Cavalry bandwagon now, get your ass on it. It’s going to fill up fast.


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock