Arkansas Man Loses It, Throws Shopping Cart Through Windshield At Kroger

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Quarantine has folks losing their marbles.

A guy in Arkansas was arrested for second degree criminal mischief after he threw a Kroger shopping cart through the rear window of a car parked next to his. According to the woman who owns the damaged car, the nutjob might have lost it after her shopping cart was left too close to his car, even though she said she was moving quickly to put her groceries away.

This guy seems so 2020.

A lucky shopper happened to catch him picking up the cart and smashing it through the windshield for all of us to enjoy.

His name is Robert Jones and he looks exactly like I expected.

Here’s the mugshot.

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West Memphis Police

Here’s the damage.

So this just happened!

Posted by Ashley Kinney on Sunday, April 19, 2020

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