Eric Church’s Unreleased “Standing Their Ground” Is More Relevant Ever

Joe Pugliese

In tough times, we’ve always counted on music to help make sense of the crazy world around us. And right now, it’s as crazy as I’ve ever seen. Once again, country music has risen to the occasion.

We’ve seen Luke Combs capture what many of us are feeling right now with his emotional “Six Feet Apart,” Riley Green just debuted a brand new one called “Better Than Me,” and even Eric himself has been writing new material.

He debuted his encouraging “Never Break Heart” on the ACM special, and even more recently, teased a new song called “Through My Ray Bans,” longing for the days when we can all gather again.

But if Eric has proved anything over his career, it’s that his music is timeless.

Take “Standing Their Ground” for instance.

Written over 10 years ago, it never made an album, although Eric once said he would put it on the next album if Hank Jr. didn’t record it. He recorded it for his live 61 Days In Church album, played it at the Opry, and there’s a few YouTube performance floating around the interwebs, but that’s pretty much it.

And today, with the world at war with COVID-19, it still feels more relevant than ever. To the doctors, nurses, first responders, essential personnel… all of whom are still standing their ground on the front lines of this global pandemic.

“So tonight I pray, as I lay my worries down // Lord watch over those, still standing their ground.”

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