Dixie Chicks Officially Postpone Release Of New Album ‘Gaslighter’

Emily Robison, Martie Maguire, Natalie Maines posing for a photo

You waited 14 years for a new Dixie Chicks record, and thanks to Coronavirus, you’re going to have wait even more.

Announced today, the Dixie Chicks have officially postponed the release of their upcoming album Gaslighter. The album produced by Jack Antonoff was originally set to hit shelves on May 1st, however will now be pushed back to a later date.

On the one hand, you can understand why artists would do this: you don’t get to promote the album. But on the other hand, the fans are sitting at home with nothing to do. Give ’em the new music. We’ve seen Willie Nelson, Luke Bryan and others postpone the release of upcoming albums, while artists like Ashley McBryde and John Anderson have stayed the course.

No new release date has been announced.

Stay tuned…

Dixie Chicks singer Natlie Maines recently made some waves when she shared a “Gaslighter” Donald Trump clip calling him a “liar, murderer and a narcissist.”

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