Wonder What Billy Ray Cyrus & The Fam Are Up To Today?

Today is 4/20, and we all know what the usual suspects are doing…

Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, Tommy Chong etc… they’re all celebrating Mother Nature’s great gift, but I wonder what ol’ Billy Ray Cyrus and company are up to, since you know, they have an ENTIRE SAFE full of weed.

Billy Ray will actually be joining Willie Nelson’s virtual “Come and Toke It” party, but not before he dips into his incredible safe of sweet green.

What a legend.

And according to Miley, Billy Ray and Tish like to smoke up and play with hummingbirds.

So while I imagine Billy Ray (and Tish) are digging into the safe, playing with some hummingbirds and still cashing those “Old Town Road” checks, Billy also actually has a new song out called “Ballad Of Jed” from his Mama Kush¬†project.

And this.