The First Whiskey Riff Fan-Made Playlist Is Happening – Submit Your Song NOW

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Alright people, the time has finally come.

We’ve expertly curated a whole mess of great country music playlists. Available on Spotify AND Apple Music, we have the must-follow New Music Friday, the fan favorite Saved By ’90s Country, the Modern Day Outlaws, Texas Country and a ton more.

And while they’re all great, it was time to get that fans involved.

So we’re creating the first-ever Whiskey Riff fan-made collaborative playlist. A playlist made by the fans, for the fans. And while I do reserve the right to veto any terrible responses, I’m confident that all of us in the Whiskey Riff family know how to come together to create on killer country playlist.

You only get one vote so make sure to make it count, and there won’t be any duplicates so try and dig deep for something special. If 50 of you all submit the same song, it’s essentially 49 wasted opportunities, ya dig?

An email address is required in the form, but that’s only to prevent multiple votes.

We’ll probably cap it around 200 submissions so get them in there early and let’s have some fun with it. The full playlist will be posted as soon as it’s fills up.

And in the meantime, if you need something to listen while you’re stuck at home, make sure to check out our Quarantine Country Playlist.


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