Move Over White Claw, Smirnoff Releases Hard Seltzer With 8% Alcohol

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Want a little more bang for your buck in the hard seltzer department?

Smirnoff has entered the chat.

It’s no secret that the hard seltzer market is way over-saturated at the moment. White Claw pulled the door off the hinges, Truly helped a bit, and now everybody in town has their own hard seltzer. Most of them taste decent I suppose (if seltzer is your thing), all of them are fairly refreshing, and most of them operate in 4-5% ABV range. Of course Four Loko offers 14%, but nobody is trying  mess with that venom.

So when you’re down splashing around in the hard seltzer kiddie pool and want to graduate to something with a kick, the good folks at Smirnoff have launched a new 8% alcohol hard seltzer.

Available in Blackberry and Blood Orange, each one clocks in 8% ABV with zero sugar and 67 calories per serving.

Is it summer yet?

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock