Keith Urban Covers Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love” With… Himself?


Alright look, back in the day, I loved Keith Urban. The self-titled record in 1999, Golden Road in 2002, and even Defying Gravity in ’09 was a great album. The dude can play a guitar like a mf’er and I was always a fan of the way he was so melodic with this guitar work.

These days, he’s ventured off into the pop realm and while it’s no longer my cup of tea, he’s still talented as all hell.

For tonight’s One World: Together At Home Special to Celebrate COVID-19 Workers, Keith busted out a performance of Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love” and he was accompanied by… himself?

He was trending on Twitter earlier tonight, which in this day and age usually means something bad, but as it turns out, he was just playing with himself (lol) on TV. And it was actually pretty damn cool.

The performance starts at the 3 hour, 4 minute mark.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock