Nashville May Not Return To “Normal” For 12-18 Months

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Oh shit…

According Fox Nashville, the city might not return to “normal” for 12-18 months. That means no festivals, concerts, Predators games, or drunken nights down on Broadway. And if they do return, everything will be at limited capacity with strict social distancing practices enforced.

Yesterday, the President announced his plan to reopen the economy beginning on May 1st in some states, and Nashville’s Mayor John Cooper, along with mayors of Tennessee’s other large cities formed a task force to implement their own statewide plan.

“We will be considering how to reopen the economy is phases,” said Dr. Alex Jahangir, the chairman of Metro’s Coronavirus Task Force. “We will work with businesses to make sure this is a safe and coordinated effort.”

Dr. Jahangir also stated that until a vaccine is available, we won’t likely go back to “normal.”

What is does “normal” mean? Well, that’s hard to say…

But according to the guidelines set forth by the White House, bars and venues won’t be operating under normal circumstances until Phase 3 of the plan.

Like I said, shit…

The data seems to change every day so maybe we should all hold the phone on freaking out, but either way 12-18 months does not sound promising.

Stay tuned…

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