Morgan Wallen Shoots His Shot At ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Madison Prewett

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To coincide with the release of his brand new song, “More Than My Hometown,” Morgan Wallen went for it late last night on Twitter, and I mean, he WENT for it.

Yeah, and that “draft” tweet he was talking about the other day turned out to be a rap to Bachelor contestant Madison Prewett (with a nice Pete Weber diss thrown in for good measure).

“The flyest thing about Pilot Pete was the plane went he flew it, he had a dang good thing but he blew it, I been going back and forth and back on the tweet but screw it, don’t hit my line unless you Madison Prewett, girl you should do it.”

I wouldn’t quit your day job Morgan, but I respect the move.

Shooters shoot.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock