Brad Paisley Raises A Glass To First Responders With New “No I In Beer”


I’ve always been partial to the kind of corny Brad Paisley drinking song.

You know the “Alcohols,” the “Crushin’ Its,” the “Catch All The Fish” type of songs he’s released over the years. And with quarantine leaving us pretty much nothing to do other than drink, we were due for another from Brad.

Titled “No I In Beer,” this new one is right in the classic Brad Paisley drinking song wheelhouse.

“People are utilizing this time to connect and to feel solidarity as human beings,” Brad said.

This song wasn’t written for this specific moment we are all facing, but it takes on a new meaning for me when I hear it now.”

“If we’ve ever felt unified as Americans, as citizens of the world, it’s in the fact that nobody loves what we’re going through, but everybody’s willing to do what we have to do. One of those things is, let’s be a team.”

The song also ends with a toast to all of the farmers and truck drivers, the nurses and the first responders out there busting their asses to help fight this global pandemic.

“We’re all in this together
That’s why God put us here
Drinkin’ oughta be a team effort
There is no “I” in beer.”

And I can drink to that.

I will say though, can we put a little more effort into the cover art here? Brad literally spends his free time animating cartoons, I’m thinking we could’ve done better than a few stock photos of beer and a cell phone. Just sayin…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock