Miranda Lambert Clarifies Her Joe Exotic Photo, Joe Blasts Her In Local News Interview

And the truth comes out.

Yesterday, Miranda Lambert shared a throwback picture with everybody’s favorite convict, the eccentric lunatic Joe Exotic, AKA the Tiger King.

And of course, there was some backlash…

Miranda initially didn’t provide any backstory, but the entire internet was dying to know…. what the fuck is going on here? And as it turns out, and I’m sure as many of us suspected, Miranda was doing some work with a local animal shelter in Tulsa.

Right after hurricane Harvey struck the Houston area, Miranda and her MuttNation team volunteered to help relocate shelter animals from Houston to Tulsa. They needed other volunteers to help transport animals and this guy named Joe offered the use of his animal trailers and staff to help Miranda and her team get pups out of harm’s way.

That guy named Joe turned out to be Joe Exotic.

Helluva pic for Miranda to find laying around, right?

But then there’s this…

Right after Miranda and Joe teamed up to help some animals, Joe Exotic went on the local news and shit all over her and her MuttNation team.

So yeah…

After that, I’m pretty sure that “I Saw A Tiger” duet won’t be happening anytime soon… and not just because Joe is in jail for abusing animals and hiring a hitman.

So in conclusion….

Carole Baskin did it.

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