Ticketmaster Changes Its Policy, Won’t Offer Refunds For Postponed Events, People Are Losing It

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Well, that’s some grade-A bullshit.

Ticketmaster is currently trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons after it was discovered that they pulled a sneaky, changing their refund policy to EXCLUDE postponed or rescheduled events.

Now, you can only get a refund if the event you hold tickets for is outright canceled (more details below), unless the organizer offers the refund.

Problem is, many of these postponed events are being rescheduled for dates months from now, or even in 2021. People are hurting financially, businesses are crumbling, the world is a complete mess, and hard working people need every dollar possible during these unprecedented times to make ends meet.

According to Digital Music News, Ticketmaster’s refund policy used to state: “Refunds are available if your event is postponed, rescheduled, or canceled.”

However, now it states:

“Refunds are available if your event is canceled.”

People are pissed.

That goes on forever, by the way.

Ticketmaster added some wording to their website which leaves the refund up to the concert organizer.

If your event organizer is offering refunds for a rescheduled event, a refund link will be visible under the event in your Ticketmaster account.


Please note that given the unprecedented circumstances, event organizers are constantly assessing the situation and making determinations regarding refunds. If your event is not currently enabled for refunds, check back later, as this status may change.

Earlier today we shared the thoughts of a doctor and health expert who believes concerts and festivals won’t/shouldn’t be happening until the fall of 2021.

Time will tell.

Like everything else right now, it’s all a big damn mess.

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