The New “Bar Hopping” Drinking Game During Quarantine Taking Twitter By Storm

A room with many signs and signs

I don’t know who invented this “game” (or tweet).

There were some folks in late March doing the new version of the “bar crawl” or “bar hop” in the house.

** Put drinks in every room, drink said drinks in every room, call your act of getting drunk a bar crawl or bar hopping **

Simple enough.

Dorian stepped it up with different music. Good call.

You better drink those beers fast, Cole.

OR fuck beer.

Change it up and put any ol’ bottle of alcohol or mixed drink in every room so that by room two you’re literally blind.

Amazing! Everyone has the same idea!

Prefer to call the game a bar crawl? You can do that too. It’s the same thing!

It never ends. What a place Twitter can be.

Now, the only question is did any one of these people actually do this…hmmmmm.

It does sound fun, but so does sitting on your couch, or in the kitchen, or at your computer drinking like it’s the end of times.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock