Coors Light Delivers 93-Year-Old Woman 10 Cases After “I Need More Beer” Sign Goes Viral

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She asked, Coors Light delivered.

A 93-year-old woman recently went viral with her “I Need More Beer” sign and thanks to the good folks at Coors Light, she got what she asked for.

Olive Veronesi had been surviving the the COVID-19 quarantine the same way many of us have, by drinking plenty of ice cold beer, but when she ran out, she wasn’t about to venture out of her house to make a beer run.

That’s where the internet comes in.

One viral picture later, and Coors Light mobilized the fleet.

Molson Coors showed up at Olive’s front door this afternoon with a special delivery… 10 cases of cold Coors Light. 10 CASES!

Asked how she was feeling these days, she said “I can still kick a football and if you like, hit a home run!”

And drink beer.

via Coors Light
via Coors Light
via Coors Light
via Coors Light

When the internet can rally together to get 10 cases of beer delivered to an old lady’s house in just a matter of days, it’s moments like this that I think to myself, “hey, maybe the world isn’t completely fucked after all.”

Cheers Olive, drink one for me.

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She’s a Coors Light gal. A solid pick…

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