What Is Eric Church’s Best Album? The Fans Voted & The Results Are IN

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The results are IN.

The other day, we posed the question on Twitter… you get one Eric Church album, which is it?

An impossible task, no doubt.

And rather than just looking at the Twitter responses to get a sense of it, we wanted the hard data. An actual poll to crown one album king. So that’s what we did, and all of you Whiskey Riffers showed up BIG TIME.

We knew it was going to be a dogfight. And a dogfight it was.

In fact, the top two albums were separated by only a handful a votes. We got a TON of of responses and by less than half a percentage point, a champion was crowned.

So without further ado, here are your results:

9. Caldwell County EP – 0.003%

8. Caught In The Act – 2.9% 

7. Desperate Man – 4.4%

6. The Outsiders – 6.3%

5. 61 Days In Church – 8.4%

4. Carolina – 10.2%

3. Mr. Misunderstood – 19%

2. Sinners Like Me – 24.1 %

1. Chief – 24.4%

Like I said, a DOGFIGHT.

That fact that anybody would vote for Caldwell County is pretty funny, and I suppose the “margain of troll” is probably over .003% so we’ll put that right there.

Our initial thought was that it would come down to Sinners Like Me and Chief, which it did. Mr. Misunderstood was always going to be in the mix as well, but I thought 61 Days In Church might do some damage too. Based on the amount of songs you get alone, it had to be in the conversation.

Desperate Man, which in my opinion doesn’t have a single bad song on it, came out near the bottom of the totem pole. And maybe that’s because it’s the newest and hasn’t created the memories that the others have quite yet, but it shows if nothing else, just how good Eric Church really is.

Ultimately, a winner had to be crowned, and by the skin of its teeth, Chief is our champion. And the best part of all of this? We could ask everybody again in a few weeks and might get completely different answers. THAT’S how good he is. Each album is a living, breathing thing that takes on new life with every listen. They don’t get stale, they don’t chase trends, and don’t get irrelevant. Sinners Like Me proves that.

So here’s to the Chief, who from the very beginning, has consistently been one of the best in the business… and surely will continue to be.

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