Bud Light’s 6-Foot Pack Is Exactly The Kind Of Social Distancing We Need Right Now


Social distancing is all the rage right now, or at least it should be (looking at you Dallas Cowboys) and the folks at Bud Light are doing what they can to spread the good word.

Introducing the new Bud Light 6-Foot Packs.

You’re looking at 72 crisp and refreshing Bud Light beers, perfect for you and a friend to enjoy while still maintaining a proper distance.

And let’s face it, going to the grocery store these days feels like a provisions run from an episode of The Walking Dead. It’s kind of dangerous, mostly annoying, and you’re trying to avoid as many people as possible. How can we minimize trips to the danger zone, thereby combating this awful virus, while at the same time still maintaining our sanity with the ever-present buzz we’ve had going for the past 3 weeks? It’s with 72 packs.

Less trips + more beer = a better America.

Is it actually in production? No, probably not.

Should it be? Yes, without a doubt, 100% absolutely.

So c’mon Bud Light… make it happen.

Mmmmm beer. Get your shirts here.

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A beer bottle on a dock