Luke Combs Performs Unreleased New Song, “Used to Wish I Was,” And Shocker, It’s Awesome

He done did it again.

Luke Combs just posted another performance of the unreleased new song fans are loving called “Used to Wish I Was” – a much-needed message of appreciating where you’re at in your life, and what you have going for yourself.

“Lots of things I wanted to be growing up, but now I wouldn’t want to be anyone else but me. Hope y’all like it and can relate!” Combs said of the song.

It wouldn’t suck if Luke just dropped a surprise album on all of us right now given the times. Fuck it. Do it, Luke.

When I was 16 I had a running back dream, that never did run too far

Thought I was gonna be #3 one day, ’til I wrecked my old man’s car

I almost finished college, but I ain’t cut from that cloth

Used to wish I was…but I’m glad I’m not.”

The guy can’t make a bad country song.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock