Georgia Bar Owner Removes Over $3,700 From Walls To Help Pay Staff

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If you’ve ever been to pretty much an beach bar, you’ve undoubtedly seen hundreds or even thousands of dollars bills taped to the wall.

It’s a pretty cool way for visiting patrons to leave a little piece of themselves behind after blacking out on $3 diet Millers in a plastic cup.

However for one Georgia bar owner, it became a way to pay her staff.

According to CNN, Jennifer Knox, owner of The Sand Bar in Tybee Island, Georgia, was standing around in her empty bar, shut down from Coronavirus when it hit her, there was money all over the walls.

“We were sitting there doors locked and I’m like oh my gosh, ‘there’s money on the walls and we have time on our hands… we gotta get this money down.'”

Many of the signed dollar bills have been there for over a decade.

“I can’t just sit here and do nothing… I’ll do what I can for my people.”

In total they were able to gather $3,714 dollars which came out to around $600 per staff member.

Obviously this was a tough call for the bar owner. To have to take down decor that you’ve built up over the years, something that gives your bar character and connects it to its customers over the year, that just sucks. But when it comes to the livelihood of your staff, that has to be priority number one and props to Jennifer for making the right call here.

If you ever get down to the Savannah, Georgia, area once this shit is over, stop in The Sand Bar and help them fill that wall back up.

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A beer bottle on a dock