Kip Moore Launches ‘In The Wild Sessions,’ Takes You To The Desert For Acoustic “Wild World”

Few things are as satisfying as acoustic Kip.

Before we get to that, here’s my review of the new song, “Wild World”…

Now, onto the new video Moore just released for that song. He’s calling it the In The Wild Sessions, and it will be a video series ahead of the album release on May 29.

“I know it’s an unsettling time for a lot of people right now, and so my hope is that this music can bring even just one person some peace,” Kip said.

“I try to make music that reaches people in a pure sense – something that’s light and easy to carry with you, but 1000 pounds of weight at the same time, and I think Wild World is just a depiction of what I see. Life is one crazy, wild ride. But it can be so simple if we look for the right things, and I think that is more important than ever right now.”

“The ‘In The Wild Sessions’ began as a way to tell the story of these songs in a bare bones kind of way,” Kip explains.

For the first video, Kip featured singer India Carney and guitarist Melissa Dougherty.

“I love to travel, and so PJ and I scouted a spot in the desert in California and hand-picked some independent artists to do the sessions with, as a way of also highlighting their amazing talents too. We shot five videos in the desert and then when our plans changed a little with everything going on, we shifted gears while I’m here in Kentucky in isolation. The scenery here in Red River Gorge is also one of my favorite places to be and so I’m looking forward to also sharing this pocket of the world in some of the videos to come.”

Kip saying thanks…

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