You Have To Pick ONE Eric Church Album – Which Is It?


So last night, we got to thinking…

Impossible right?

When it comes to legacy that Eric Church will leave behind, it’s undoubtedly going to be rooted in his collection of incredible albums. Sure, he’s the Entertainer of the Year in my book, with a live show that’s probably second to none, but it all starts with the albums. Without them, there’s no show to put on.

So when we posed the question last night, asking fans to make the musical equivalent to Sophie’s choice, we got a whole mess of mixed responses.

Some still think Sinners Like Me is the GOAT. Some think Chief is where Eric turned the corner into the absolute legend that he is today, and others played the numbers game, opting to choose 61 Days In Church for the sheer amount of songs you get. And by that logic, it’s hard to argue with.

And finally some, overcome with anxiety, just flat out refused to make the decision. And it’s not hard to see why…

But now, we want to know the actual numbers.

It’s too hard to get through all the Twitter responses and figure out the winner. I’m certain that nobody is on team Caldwell County EP, but other than that, we’re all dying to know what the fans think.

Place your votes in the form below and then be sure check back in later this week for the results.

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