Matthew McConaughey Hosts Virtual Bingo Night For Texas Senior Center

Next to the hospital workers, doctors, nurses, first responders, scientists, essential workers, and pandemic task force members, Matthew McConaughey might be the MVP of this Coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to inspiring pep talks and newly-released behind-the-scenes sessions, the Texan is putting his money where his mouth is, working to, as he would put it: “Turn a red light into a green light.”

McConaughey and the family hosted a virtual bingo night for a local Texas-area senior center, and since McConaughey wasn’t able to there in person (for obvious reasons) he did what he’s best at… got in front of the camera.

“This was a wish come true! The residents absolutely loved seeing Matthew and his family and enjoyed hearing him talk about what he’s doing to get through this crisis,” sales director Molly Nedley told Austin’s KEYE-TV. “It gave them hope and was the boost that they needed to get through this lonely, challenging time.”


And it sure beats the hell out of singing “Imagine” from your mansion…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock