George Strait Quarantine Update: Tequila Is Getting Him Through It

A person holding a bottle of alcohol

I know you were all wondering what the hell George Strait was up to during quarantine and now, I’m pleased to confirm that he’s getting along just famously.

Like many of us, he’s spending his quarantine hours… drinking.

“When I’m under quarantine, which I am quite a bit, these times are a little more serious than most but I can always count on Codigo 1530 to get me through it.”

Ok, ok, ok… is this kind of an ad for his Codigo 1530 tequila?

You’re damn right it is, but why is that a problem? You want to know what I did the other night? I had tacos delivered to me and for a cool $35 extra bucks, I tacked on a bottle of Codigo Rosa, a little bottle, not the big bottle.

Yeah, I paid somebody $35 dollars to deliver me a tiny bottle of tequila but you know what? Me and the King are doing quarantine the same damn way, and that’s good enough for me.

Stay thirsty my friends…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock