Two Health Care Workers Get Berated For Wearing Scrubs To The Grocery Store

A person standing in a grocery store

Oh God here we go… Karen is at it again.

Two health care workers, who just got off their shift, stopped by their local Winn-Dixie grocery store to pick up some food for their families when an angry lady (let’s call her Karen) began berating them for wearing scrubs to the store, AKA infecting everybody (I guess).

And here’s the kicker.

According to Fox 35 News, the two women in scrubs don’t work in a hospital and they don’t work in a general practice clinic. In fact, they’re audiologists who work to get people fitted with hearing aids and they aren’t even seeing patients in person right now because of the virus.

“As were in the produce section she came up to us again. She started saying its not right to wear scrubs in the grocery store. We’re spreading the virus. You can see how the general public would think that’s not safe…. At first I was very alarmed, and then just a few moments into it, I realized were in the middle of a pandemic and are scared and that’s why this lady acting this way.”

Karen threatened to call the police on them, however management separated the parties before the situation could escalate to there.

Alright look, I get it. People are scared, and it’s ok to be scared, but it’s not ok to be an asshole. Doctors and nurses are out there busting their asses, putting their own lives and risk right now, and this is the kind of response they get?

You have no idea if those are fresh scrubs, you have idea what these two women do for a living, and as it turns out, they help people get hearing aids. They’re not treating sick people, they’re not treating Coronavirus patients, they’re not even seeing patients at all right now, and they’re definitely not trying to infect the entire grocery store.

But did Karen stop to consider that before she got in their face about wearing scrubs? Nope. Sure didn’t. And when they said that, did she stop herself and apologize for overreacting without all the facts? No, she doubled down.

We absolutely cannot let panic turn us into the worst versions of ourselves.

Crazy times we’re living in right now, crazy times indeed.

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