Kane Brown & John Legend Deliver First Live Performance Of “Last Time I Say Sorry”


Kane Brown and John Legend have teamed up for a brand new duet called “Last Time I Say Sorry,” but thanks to this global pandemic that we’re all currently facing, they haven’t been able to actually get in the same room to perform it.

They even shot the music video individually at home on their phones (well, Kane on his phone, John on his laptop) and then edited it together.

However, the two teamed up for a kinda, sorta live performance of the new song for ACM Presents: Our Country, last night’s television special that was aired in lieu of the postponed ACM Awards.

I won’t say I’m sorry over and over,
Can’t just say I’m sorry, I’ve gotta show you,
I won’t do it again, I’ll prove my love is true,
I hope the last time I said sorry,
Is the last time I’ll say sorry to you

And despite the unique circumstances, the fans were loving it.

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A beer bottle on a dock