Carrie Underwood Crushes Stripped-Down Performance Of “Drinking Alone”

It’s pretty much common knowledge at this point, but Carrie Underwood is unquestionably one the best pure vocalists in all of country music.

During last night’s ACM Presents: Our Country television special, Carrie, who just causally posted up on her big-ass couch, delivered a killer stripped-down performance of her current single, “Drinking Alone.”

I mean, she sounds better sitting on her couch than most will ever do in their entire lifetime, in the most optimal conditions. Also, how appropriate is a song called “Drinking Alone” during the middle of a global pandemic?

Before kicking off her performance, Carrie left fans with an encouraging message about weathering this Coronavirus storm alone, but together:

“Just remember though, we’re not really alone. We are alone together, and that is exactly how we’re gonna get through this mess.”

Plus, she likes her wine like I do… in a big-ass glass.

Big voice, big pour, big performance… respect.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock