Luke Combs Launches New “Blue Collar Beer” With 8.5% Alcohol

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Move over Luke Bryan, you’re not the only beer in town anymore.

In addition to Luke Bryan’s newly-released Two Lane Road American Golden Lager, Luke Combs has partnered with a North Carolina craft brewery to bring you a delicious pilsner of his own.

Titled, “Blue Collar Beer,” it’s about to be the official beer of blue collar boys everywhere.

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With April Fools Day (a usual fan favorite and time for us to get creative) taking a backseat to the unfortunate Coronavirus situation this year, we wanted to come up with something fun to lighten the mood. It all kind of sucks out there right now and we could all probably use a good laugh, amirite? And we could all definitely use a beer… or six.

So while no, Luke Combs isn’t launching a new beer, one can dream about it, right?

Inspired by Luke’s song “Blue Collar Blue Boys,” we’re thinking a crisp and refreshing pilsner, something that you can crack open when you get home from a hard day’s work. Something that tastes good in the shower, tastes good working on your truck out in the garage. Something you take out on the lake. The working man’s beer for the working man.

And that album art on the can with a nod to Luke’s song “Beer Can” as well? How can we not get this thing into production ASAP?

Luke, have your people call our people and we’ll work something out.

I can already imagine Luke shotgunning his own Blue Collar Beer…

And in case you forgot how it’s done, watch the master explain the art of shotgunning a cold beer.

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