Newlyweds Donate 400 Meals To Health Care Workers After Wedding Reception Gets Canceled

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Coronavirus works hard, but the good hearts of people everywhere work harder.

Planning a wedding is awful. I spent all last year doing it, and with a February 1st wedding this year, I just barely made it before all this Coronavirus bullshit put the entire world on lockdown. For those of you that have to cancel your weddings right now… I can’t even begin to imagine.

However, whenever life sucks, there’s an opportunity to meet that head-on, and instead of wallowing in defeat, you can do positive something.

That’s exactly what one couple did.

Fiona and Adam Gordon got married on March 21st, however thanks to Coronavirus, their reception was canceled. And rather than throwing out all the food that was already ordered, the couple donated their entire reception dinner to local heath care workers, feeding around 400 of them at two different hospitals.

“We’re just happy to help bring a bit of light in the middle of all this. It is times such as these when you realize what’s important,” Fiona Gordon told The Birmingham Mail.

“The fact that we managed to help in some way because of this is a silver lining… The main thing for me and Adam is that we got married and we are together.”


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