Luke Bryan Gets BLASTED For Plugging ‘American Idol’ In Joe Diffie Tweet

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Ok look, I want to preface this ENTIRE article by saying that this is not an attack on Luke Bryan. We’ve met him before and he seems like a wonderful person, in fact, every single artist I’ve ever talked to in country music will tell you that Luke Bryan is great dude. And I don’t doubt that for a second.

But it begs the question… who the hell is running the Twitter account over there?

It should be pretty well known at this point, but for the people that don’t know (I’m talking to you mom), plenty of artists don’t run their social media accounts on their own. And I hate to shatter your dreams, but some of them don’t touch their social media at all. They have teams dedicated to sharing all kind of different stuff, mostly promotional stuff… stuff like, oh I don’t know… American Idol reminders.

And as a judge on American Idol, I’m sure Luke is required to plug the show as much as possible. Especially on Sunday before it airs. However this past Sunday, we lost a country music legend, the Pickup Man himself, the great Joe Diffie.

And rather than tweeting out something specifically about Joe, something heartfelt and sincere, hell even a picture with Joe Diffie in it would’ve worked… Luke’s Twitter doubled up and tweeted out an American Idol promo in the same breath. The photo was of the American Idol cast and the hashtag was #AmericanIdol.

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UPDATE: The tweet has since been deleted.

I don’t think I have to explain how this is a bad look, do I?

Now, I don’t know if Luke tweeted this himself or not, I would guess that it was his social team, but I don’t really know for sure. And even if it was him, how did his social media team not delete it right away?

Call it bad timing, call it tone deaf, call it whatever you want, but either way, you just can’t do it like this. Break it up into two tweets, don’t mention Joe at all until you can give it the thought it deserves, pretty much anything at all would’ve been better than this.

And the worst part is that if Luke didn’t tweet this himself, it makes him look like a complete asshole. One look through the comments will show you that.



Maybe someone in the social media department needs a lesson on how to do social media… or at least in damage control, I don’t know. Even after all the negative comments, the tweet is still up there, so who really knows what’s going on over there.

Anyways, Luke followed up the next day with an actual social media post dedicated solely to Joe Diffe. He shared this tribute to Instagram, the platform that he seems to actually use himself. It read:

“Truly one of the best true country singers ever. I will cherish every conversation and every round of golf we played. You treated me like a true friend. We will always remember your music. The deep songs, the fun songs and the honkytonk attitude. RIP Joe Diffie. Love ya buddy.”

Much better.

Next time, maybe do this one the first time.

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